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It Feels Like Fall

​The first day of September brought me heaviness.  I could feel is coming:  Autumn.  It brings the change of weather. It brings me one season closer to the holidays, and to one year since losing a piece of myself.  In previous years, September would already mean humming Christmas carols as I bake pumpkin bread; just… Continue reading It Feels Like Fall

Angel Moms · Grief · Hope · Infant Loss · life after loss

What I Would Change

If you could change one thing about your grief, what would it be?   Last month I attended my first grief support group.  I was incredibly nervous.  It wasn’t specific to baby loss and I wasn’t sure if I’d feel comfortable airing out my feelings.  I was in tears before even walking inside.  That day,… Continue reading What I Would Change

Angel Moms · Grief · Infant Loss

The Ever-Awkward Icebreakers

How much should I share with strangers?   How honest should I be?  Should I spare them the awkward moment and spare myself the looks of pity?  I’m faced with this decision on a regular basis.   Teaching preschool requires some  professional development.  It has never been my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning,… Continue reading The Ever-Awkward Icebreakers