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Your Baby Got to Stay

Dear Mommy Friend, Month after month, I see your milestone updates. I see your photos and development charts: lists of all of the exciting new things that your baby is doing. I’m watching your baby grow, and wishing mine was still here to do the same things. You’ve probably noticed that some months, I put… Continue reading Your Baby Got to Stay

Angel Moms · baby loss · Grief · Infant Loss · life after loss · Loss · rsv

Dear Big Brother

My living son is two years old. It’s a little difficult to know how much he understands about death. Though he’s never met him, he’s talked to Lincoln’s picture since he was a tiny baby. Losing Liam was a bit different, but I’m not sure exactly what he’s thinking. I’m always trying to figure out… Continue reading Dear Big Brother

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It Feels Like Fall

​The first day of September brought me heaviness.  I could feel is coming:  Autumn.  It brings the change of weather. It brings me one season closer to the holidays, and to one year since losing a piece of myself.  In previous years, September would already mean humming Christmas carols as I bake pumpkin bread; just… Continue reading It Feels Like Fall

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What I Would Change

If you could change one thing about your grief, what would it be?   Last month I attended my first grief support group.  I was incredibly nervous.  It wasn’t specific to baby loss and I wasn’t sure if I’d feel comfortable airing out my feelings.  I was in tears before even walking inside.  That day,… Continue reading What I Would Change

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The Ever-Awkward Icebreakers

How much should I share with strangers?   How honest should I be?  Should I spare them the awkward moment and spare myself the looks of pity?  I’m faced with this decision on a regular basis.   Teaching preschool requires some  professional development.  It has never been my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning,… Continue reading The Ever-Awkward Icebreakers

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“You’re so Lucky” 

It had only been 3 weeks.  I made a last minute appointment to get my c-section incision checked out.  It was most definitely infected.  For other appointments, my doctor made sure I got in and out quickly: minimizing the amount of time spent surrounded by pregnant women in the waiting room.  My social interactions had… Continue reading “You’re so Lucky”