About Me

I am the mother to a beautiful angel, Lincoln Everett.  I lost him during childbirth on my birthday, December 22nd, 2015.  Every day I struggle with the pain, and I fight to be happy because I know that he’d want me to.  I am also the wife of Lincoln’s incredible, loving father.  I’m a preschool teacher and an aunt to seven nieces and nephews.  Since losing Lincoln, I’ve taken up painting and have found joy in creating works inspired by him.

I am currently pregnant with Lincoln’s little brother or sister. Pregnancy after losing a child adds a whole new dynamic to this life after loss. 
I titled this blog Missing Link because, no matter how much time passes, I will always be missing my baby Link.  He will also always be the missing link in our family.  We may add some other pieces to our chain, but we will never quite be complete.  No other piece will replace my beautiful, firstborn son.

Contact: missinglink15@yahoo.com 

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