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This is Where I’ll Start

You do have to start somewhere, right?  I have been considering writing a blog for some time now, but I haven’t known where to start.  Too much has happened.  There’s too much to say…too much to feel. So I’ll have to begin by telling you that my newborn son died. I start here because this is the most important thing that anyone could ever know about me. If you’re reading this, you are likely one of two kinds of people. Maybe you know me personally, and you’d like to better understand me. If this is who you are, then thank you so much.  I have so much appreciation for those who put effort into being a part of my rugged, tattered life. The other option is that you already do understand me.  If you understand me, then you too have lost a baby. If this is you, then I am so sorry. You probably feel like no one could possibly understand how your world has come crashing down. You probably feel alone and broken. This is the worst kind of pain, and I am so sorry that we share it.  It’s indescribable, this feeling.  As hard as it might be to believe, someone else has lived this pain.  Someone else is making it through.  I’m surviving.  And you can too.  

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